Assassin 33 A.D.
Assassin 33 A.D.


Ram Goldstein and the greatest minds across the world are employed to create a matter transfer machine.  But the Institute is really a covert organization funded by Extremists. Ram accidentally stumbles upon the secret agenda, but on the same day, he succeeds in transferring matter and accidentally creates the world’s first time machine. Ram refuses to share the code so the extremists kill Ram’s parents and threatens to torture his friends. 

Ram gives in and agrees to build the time machine. As soon as it is finished, Extremists sends a group of assassins on the ultimate Jihad to kill Jesus and his disciples before his resurrection.     

Ram along with his genius team; commandeer the time machine and race back in time in an attempt to change time back before it rewrites itself.  They fail to change the assassination of Jesus and must return to the future were they are killed, but not before they warn their original selves in the previous timeline.

Now the original Ram and his team must transfer to back 33 A.D. to kill the assassins, save Jesus, and restore the timeline. 

Assissin 33 A.D. movie

All hell breaks loose as Ram and his group battle the extremists. Both groups become part of a new timeline as they interact with Biblical characters and get caught up history.