Assassin 33 A.D.
Assassin 33 A.D.

Production Team


Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll is a man of many talents. His start in film and television began in 1986, Jim attended a seminar conducted by Dr. Phil McGraw and Thelma Box. This was a life changing experience. Jim had been unhappy in his marriage for a long time. Dr. Phil broke through the anger and Jim was so changed that he later went back and trained under Dr. Phil.

In 1994, with Dr. Phil’s encouragement, Jim created and The Road Adventure seminar. In 2002, Jim he went on to create The Marriage Boot Camp. Jim was determined to do everything in his power to learn what it would take to have a successful marriage. The Boot Camp was designed to use games, drills and exercises that enhanced the relationship between spouses.

In 2006, the Marriage Boot Camp’s success drew the interest of TV Networks. In 2011, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed were experiencing relationship issues and the wedding they had planned was in jeopardy. Thinkfactory Media called The Marriage Boot Camp to the rescue. Jim and his David Bishop were able to patch the relationship back together and Gene and Shannon went on to a happy, successful marriage.

In 2012, Jim became a Dr. Drew Life Changer when his team was called to save the marriages of four of the most challenging couples. Again there was success with all the marriages making dramatic changes for the better.

In 2012 – 2013, Thinkfactory and WeTV brought the toughest challenge yet to Jim and his team. The idea was to stick five of the toughest Bridezillas and their spouses, with marriages on the rocks, in a reality house while Jim and his team attempted to save the marriages.

In 2013, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll appeared on Fox News, Kathy Lee Show, CNN, Fox and Friends, Head Line News, ABC, CBS, NBC, Huffington Live, Arthur Kade, Glamour Magazine and many more while promoting the Marriage Boot Camp Bridezillas series. In 2014 – 2016, Jim and Elizabeth hosted, counseled and produced the TV series, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. The series was a success for 7 seasons.


Brad Keller

Brad Keller began his film career after leaving the American Film Institute for Directors. He started with a short film called Next Three Exits which went on to launch several careers both in front and behind the camera.

Since then he has directed and produced a catalog of productions spanning national commercials to network broadcast television series. From working with seasoned veterans in the Lifetime Television hit A Killer Within to working with a cast of unknowns in a Tribeca Film Festival award winning comedy, Brad has become a master of creating what audiences want. He continues to adjust his craft by learning what the buyers are acquiring while adapting a vision that helps to gain brand recognition.

Brad’s comfort level in production and direction encompasses all genres. Family film experience includes The Secret At Arrow Lake and the highly popular Lifetime series Inspector Mom, while the high roller gloss reality series Plush shows a depth to his talent and flexibility. Brad’s ability to be diverse in his vision has expanded into producing large budget films with commercial success and as a producer Brad prides himself with his ability to attach seasoned crew and follow demanding strict budget guidelines. This gives Brad a highly successful track record for returned investments.

In addition to producing and directing, Brad has operated a domestic distribution company for the past five years. This gives him direct access to top buyers such as HBO, Starz, Showtime, Blockbuster and Walmart, just to name a few. Brad will always find an exit strategy to coincide with his producing or directing in order to capitalize on each film’s production needs. With over 20 years of production experience and multiple awards Brad brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of filmmaking to the table for this project.


Lori Twichell

Lori Twichell began her career in radio, writing commercials and working promotions. During this time, she created promotions that increased sales of one company’s product by over 50% in her station’s listening area.

In 1999, Lori switched from radio to film, working with Cloud Ten Pictures on the original Left Behind film. Though she started as a volunteer, her performance soon moved her into a full-time staff position at Cloud Ten Pictures, ultimately replacing the publicity firm originally hired for the job. Working from home, Lori managed publicity at over 2500 radio stations across the U.S. Left Behind: The Movie went on to sell over three million copies and won the VSDA’s award for “Best Selling Title from an Independent Studio.”

In 2006, Lori started Beyond the Buzz Marketing. Since then, she has run marketing/promotional campaigns with corporations and networks such as Nike, Lifetime, the CW Network, ABC Family and several NBC television shows.

In 2014, Lori created, developed and wrote the screenplay for A Horse Tale. Picked up and distributed by Lion’s Gate Entertainment, A Horse Tale received the Dove Foundation seal of approval.

The past few years has held a flurry of creativity as Lori helped with the development, writing and marketing of INSP’s first original television series, Brush of Honor. She went from Brush of Honor’s freshman season to working with Cachet Entertainment and Sony Pictures on publicity and marketing of their theatrical release, War Room. Lori’s innovative, creative ideas and outside the box thinking continue to keep her on the cutting edge of writing, entertainment production and marketing.