Assassin 33 A.D.
Assassin 33 A.D.


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Jason Castro

Director’s Comments:

Jason had never ventured into serious acting, but once he took the role as Jesus, he put 100% into it.   

When it came time for him to perform, the cast and crew were mesmerized.  Jason is the BEST Jesus EVER. 


Heidi Montag

Director’s Comments:

Heidi is known for her outrageous performances on reality TV.  I met her while on the TV show, “Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars.”  

When I told the producer that I wanted her he said, “Reality stars can’t act.”  

I persisted because I knew Heidi’s heart for God and her amazing abilities.  Heidi nailed it and came across as the perfect tender and loving wife.  

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Donny Boaz

Director’s Comments:

Donny is one of the most talented and dedication professional I’ve ever witnessed. 

We were filming a scene in 100 degree plus temperature.  The pavement had to be 120 degrees.  Donny had to crawl across the pavement over and over again.   He made us keep shooting until he was satisfied with his performance.     

Morgan Roberts

Director’s Comments: 

Morgan is so talented and fit the role so perfectly, that he actually won the role with his audition tape. 

We knew he was perfect for the role of Ram.  

Morgan ended up having 7 scenes where he had to evoke emotion and cry.  He busted it out every time.  

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Geraldo Davila

Director’s Comments:

I was looking for a bad guy that could fool the audience and appear to be a tender hearted caring person.  Geraldo is all the above.  He was able to turn on the evil and be completely heartless. 

He is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, so don’t give him a hard time if you see him on the street. 


Lamar Usher

Director’s Comments:

The role of Simon was so important in the movie that we had to have a super talented actor that could be warm and funny.  That’s a tough combination. 

Simon became the guy that everyone fell in love with. He keep us entertained on set and never ran out of idea. 

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Ilsa Levine

Director’s Comments:

I needed an actress that was beautiful, smart and talented.  Ilsa shined during the auditions.  

She instantly fit in with the cast and became a great genius.  She was just what the doctor ordered.  

Cesar D' La Torre

Director’s Comments:

I needed a real nerd to play the role of Felix.  Cesar was the perfect choice.  His accent is actually real. 

Cesar was awesome at playing the role, but there were times that we struggled to understand him.  After all, he just move here a few years ago and had to learn English.   Ask him to say, “Theology”. 

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Jacob Hashem

Director’s Comments:

Jacob was the secret find.  The role of Sabeer was not supposed to be much more than that of another bad guy.  But Jacob was off the chart talented.

He was able to have everyone, including the cast, hating the character of Sabeer.   How can someone so cool act so so bad?

Jonny Rey Diaz

Director’s Comments:

I needed another bad guy to stand around and look dumb, evil and say a few lines to move the plot forward. 

Jonny surprised the heck out of us.  A handsome and talented guy that was able to be sarcastic and dumb at the same time.  I couldn’t have asked for more skill than that.  

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